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Marilyn's Genealogy
Here are all of the surnames that I am personally working on. You will also see a couple of pictures of my family.
I am currently researching the following surnames
I have also included the Soundex equivalent for each name

My line:
Baird (Beard) - B630
Case - C200
Davis - D120
Eggers - E262
Gowen - G500
Holtom - H435
Johnston - J523
Lamb - L510
Merritt - M630
McCloud - M243
Morphew - M610
Pease - P200
Tatum - T350
Whitaker - W326
Woodall - W340
and all allied lines

My husbands line:
Beck - B200
Coble - C140
Gibbs - G120
Hawkins - H252
Jones - J520
Keaton - K350
Klingensmith - K452
Shulse - S420
Urban - U615
Wagle - W240
Walker - W426
Winchester - W522
Windsor - W532
and all allied lines.

If you have any information (or need information) on these surnames, then drop me a line at

Family Pictures



Jesse Eggars
Jesse Eggers
Father to Sarah, Son of William and Mary Tatum Eggers. Grandson of Daniel and Phebe Rider Eggers.



Sarah Eggers McCloud
Sarah Eggers McCloud
She was my great grandmother, daughter of Jesse Eggers and Sarah Morphew.


(Click on a pictures for the larger version)

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